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Lauren Redfern of Marietta College taking a medical reading
"I chose Marietta College because of the ability to do the 3+2 program. I was already comfortable with the faculty, making it easy to continue my education here."

Lauren Redfern ’22/MAT’23

Marietta offers a 3+2 track, which provides a significant cost savings to students and their families, and a more traditional 4+2 track, which is more accommodating to students who want to have four years of an undergraduate experience.
The mission of the Sports Medicine Department is to challenge learners to be critical thinkers and advocates for the healthcare professions. The program aims to equip students with foundational knowledge in science and health-related fields as well as prepare them to be directed, life-long learners.
Requirements for a major in Sports Medicine.
Student Success
of students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Sports Medicine Program gain entrance into the Masters of Athletic Training Program at Marietta College.
of Marietta College’s Sports Medicine graduates since 2020 were employed or attending graduate school within six months of graduating
is the average mid-career salary in the U.S. for Sports Medicine graduates
Marietta College sports medicine students work with an athlete
Marietta College sports medicine students work with an athlete
A Marietta College professor stands at a white board
A Marietta College athlete attempts to catch a football while standing on a balance ball

What You'll Learn in the Sports Medicine Program.

The Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine major is intended for those students wanting to enter the Master of Athletic Training Program at Marietta College. Students who decide not to continue into the master's degree can complete and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine degree. Students who are interested in other healthcare professions such as physical therapy, physician assistant, or other professions should look into another science-related major such as Health Science, Biology, or Chemistry.

Rise to the Challenge
Department Faculty & Staff


Can Sports Medicine majors study abroad and still graduate on time?

Yes! Every major at Marietta can have an Education Abroad experience at some point during their undergraduate education.

Do Sports Medicine majors provide care to student-athletes and athletic teams?

Sports Medicine majors observe and learn from our professional staff and graduate Athletic Training students in clinical situations but do not provide direct treatment to athletes.

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