The Marietta College Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) Program began in 2003. The program offers a rigorous academic curriculum in general psychology that covers the major subfields of psychology, as well as offering students the opportunity to obtain research and applied experience in psychology. The goal of the program is to prepare students to prepare students for doctoral programs in psychology, or to prepare them to seek employment at the Master’s level in a psychologically related field.

The MAP Program has two completion “tracks”. The MA track is a full-time track (three graduate courses per semester) designed to be completed in two academic years. The second track is the BA/MA track, and is only available to full-time Marietta College undergraduate psychology majors. Accepted students in the BA/MA track complete their undergraduate degree requirements while taking some MAP courses (typically 4 courses) during their senior year. The BA/MA track is designed to have students complete the MAP program during their fifth year. Both MAP tracks require 36 credit hours (12 courses) composed of core courses, electives from the major subfields of psychology, experiential applied electives related to a professional experience in psychology, and thesis research. The MAP Program is located on the top 2 floors of Mills Hall, and contains the following departmental facilities available for graduate students:

  • A human research lab, including an observation room with one-way windows for individual and group research, and individual research cubicles with PCs and research software.
  • A computer lab/classroom with specialized software, including SPSS, Excel, etc.
  • Classroom and seminar conference rooms.
  • Graduate office and lab space, graduate mailboxes, and a student lounge/reading room.