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The Bachelor of Arts Theatre program helps students sharpen their artistic skills and explore new talents while allowing them the flexibility to pair Theatre with another major. The communication, collaboration, and leadership skills gained in Theatre prepare students for success in a wide range of industries.

Recent pairings with Theatre have included Communication Studies, English, History, Political Science, Marketing and Psychology. Dedicated and responsive faculty work with students in the BA Theatre program to coordinate tailored educational experiences to help them pursue their desired goals.

In this program, students become well-rounded artists by studying acting, technical theatre, design, history and directing. Theory meets practice as students apply their classroom knowledge to the various productions, activities and optional summer theatre programming beginning in their freshman year. Those involved in productions earn academic credit hours through our practicum courses.

Students complete a theatre internship to employ those skills professionally and culminate their Marietta College education with a capstone project to show how their theatrical skills naturally integrate with other areas of study to result in a unique, marketable whole.

This program and the related Theatre minor are open to all students of varying theatrical backgrounds without an audition or interview.

A broad look at theatre: BA Theatre

In addition to completing a liberal arts core curriculum, BA Theatre majors prepare for success in various fields including the theatre and entertainment industries by completing a rigorous course load.

BA Theatre Courses

THEA 106 Acting I 3 credit hours
THEA 201 Introduction to Dramatic Literature 3 credit hours
THEA 206 Acting II 3 credit hours
THEA 210 Backstage Experience 3 credit hours
THEA 211 Theatre History I: Ritual to Renaissance (500 BCE to 1800 CE) 3 credit hours
THEA 212 Theatre History II: Romanticism to Post-modernism (1750 to present) 3 credit hours
THEA 215 or
THEA 266
Voice and Movement OR
Auditioning and Professional Preparation
3 credit hours
THEA 303 Directing I 3 credit hours
THEA 397 Theatre Internship 3 credit hours
THEA 481 Theatre Capstone 3 credit hours
  Two Stagecraft courses * 6 credit hours
  One Design course * 3 credit hours
  Three hours of Practicum courses * 3 credit hours
  Three hours of Theatre electives 3 credit hours
    45 credit hours


Majors should take Acting I and Backstage Experience in their freshman year and Theatre Capstone their senior year but have the flexibility to schedule their remaining courses when offered throughout their time at Marietta College.

*For the complete list of courses required in this program, see the BA Theatre audit form.

Enrich your education: Theatre Minor

The Theatre minor allows students majoring in other areas to explore the various theatre arts.

THEATRE Minor Courses

THEA 210 Backstage Experience 3 credit hours
  Nine hours of 100-200 level Theatre courses * 9 credit hours
  Nine hours of 300-400 level Theatre courses * 9 credit hours
    21 credit hours


*For the complete list of courses required in this program, see the Theatre Minor audit form.

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