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Designed for students intending to enter the entertainment industry, the Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre program is for artists serious about developing their talents and honing their craft.

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Designed for students intending to enter the entertainment industry, the Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre program is for artists serious about developing their talents and honing their craft.

As part of our close-knit community, students in the program take foundational theatre courses and complete one of three tracks: Design and Technology, Directing, and Performance. In two of the tracks, Design and Technology and Directing, they further specialize into one or more emphases to help reach their individual interests and goals.

The Theatre BFA Major

At Marietta College

Beginning their freshman year, students apply their growing skills to productions to create dynamic theatre experiences. Those involved in productions earn academic credit hours through our practicum courses. Each track requires specific practicum courses providing significant hands-on experience in theatre productions. Students complete a theatre internship to practice their expertise professionally and culminate their Marietta College education with a capstone project to demonstrate mastery of theatrical skills.

Because each track includes classes across multiple disciplines, this program is exempt from the general education secondary concentration requirement.

A strong foundation: the Theatre Core

In addition to completing a liberal arts core curriculum, BFA Theatre majors prepare for success in the entertainment industry by completing a rigorous course load that begins with the Theatre Core, classes required of all Theatre majors.

The Theatre Core courses provide the solid foundation on which each track stands. By experiencing each main area of theatre and exploring plays from historical and analytical perspectives, students gain skills necessary for better collaboration and artistic creation.

Ready to Apply?

In addition to applying to Marietta College, the BFA Theatre program requires acceptance to the program through an application process. For more information, go to Theatre Application Requirements.

Behind the scenes: our Design and Technology track

The Design and Technology track emphasizes the behind-the-scenes artistry of theatre through advanced stagecraft and design courses. Future designers and theatre technicians choose one of the following emphases: Costume, Digital Media and Projection, Lighting, Scenic, or Sound.

Design and Technology track Requirements

The whole picture: our Directing track

Don’t let the name fool you… the Directing track is not just for directors! This track takes a wider view by looking at how the various theatrical arts combine, making it a great choice for future stage managers, playwrights, directors, and artistic directors. Students in this track choose an emphasis: Artistic Direction and Management, Playwriting, or Communication.

Directing track Requirements

Take the stage: our Performance track

Students in the Performance track develop a variety of techniques to analyze scripts, collaborate with fellow theatre artists, create believable characters, and consistently deliver evocative performances.

Performance track Requirements

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