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The Dance minor encourages students to explore different aspects of theatre production through classes and productions.
Requirements for a minor in Dance
Dance minor performing on stage in Friederich Theatre
Dance minors performing on stage in Friederich Theatre
Dance minor performing on stage in Friederich Theatre
Dance minor performing on stage in Friederich Theatre

Storytelling through Dance

From choreography to learning various dance styles, Marietta's Dance minor is for any student interested in exploring the movement and artistry of dance.

Earning a minor in dance

The Dance minor is a 24-credit-hour program that is designed for students who wish to delve deeper into dance studies in an intellectual, creative, and practical capacity to propel them forward in career, service, and artistry.

Exploring theatre

The Dance minor encourages students to explore different aspects of theatre production through classes and productions.

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Talented and dedicated faculty in the Theatre Department guide students through creative processes involved in various styles so they emerge with a broad knowledge of this artistic expression.

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What types of dance will I learn and study?

Ballet, tap, jazz, modern/contemporary, historical/period dance, choreography, partnering, and yoga are all currently included in the dance minor curriculum. Hip-Hop classes are offered periodically through workshops or the summer dance intensive. Techniques include Graham, Horton, Giordano, Buck and Wing, Cecchetti, and others.

Who is the Dance minor for?

The Dance minor is for anyone with an interest or passion for studying and performing dance. That could range from complete beginner to experienced performer. Classes are designed to support students who range in experience while meeting the needs of both beginners and advanced performers.

How is the Dance minor useful to me?

Dance as an academic pursuit is useful for a wide range of reasons. In addition to increasing a skillset and experience in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and other forms of dance, there are well-documented mental and physical benefits to being a dancer. A dance minor also provides students with: 

  • A creative outlet for stress relief and building confidence 
  • A deeper understanding of kinesiology and anatomy as it applies to dancers 
  • Increased musicality and ability to apply story structure to movement 
  • A deeper understanding of self and others as high-performance athletes 

Students who pursue the dance minor do not necessarily need to be considering a career in the arts after graduation. This minor could benefit those in health sciences, education, sports medicine, or other career pursuits.

Do I need previous dance experience?

Dance experience is preferred but is not a requirement for the program. On average, dance minors have 1-4+ years of experience before attending Marietta College. Dancers with no experience should contact program director Aurora Held-Dodd at to determine the best courses for the student.

What opportunities are available through the program?

Students who participate in the dance minor have many opportunities to learn about dance and put their skills into practice both on and off campus. Opportunities might include performing in Theatre Department musicals and dance performances, collaborating with other artists through classwork assignments, attending a regional dance festival, assisting department faculty as an assistant choreographer or dance captain, performing and/or choreographing for the Spring Dance Concert, and attending the Marietta College Summer Dance Intensive.

I'm not very flexible. Will that hold me back?

In short – no. Students will practice and learn strength training exercises and stretches in class and will be given instructions on improving their flexibility based on their unique body type.

Am I required to perform?

Yes, dancers in the program will perform annually in the Spring Dance Concert. Dance minors are also encouraged to audition for the department musicals and other productions.

Will I get to be a choreographer?

Yes, all dance minors are required to take Choreography as part of their course load. Students will choreograph in that course, and there are other opportunities throughout the year for students who are interested in being a choreographer. Outside of the choreography class, choreography is not a program requirement.

Do you have scholarships available for dancers?

Yes. The Theatre Department has Fine Arts Talent Scholarships for Dance. Learn more here. Register for an on-campus audition date

What is the Summer Dance Intensive?

The Marietta College Summer Dance Intensive is an in-house dance conference held on our beautiful campus! We bring together industry professionals from the worlds of dance and performing arts to offer a jam-packed weekend of dance workshops and seminars designed to support the entire dancer, inside and out. Past workshops have included Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern dance, in addition to Yoga, Mental Health for Performing Artists, and Performing Arts Medicine Techniques for Injury Prevention.

What type of dance spaces do you have?

The primary dance studio at Marietta College is in the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center and measures 65 by 35 feet in length. It is a beautiful room with high ceilings and includes full-length mirrors, wall-mounted ballet barres, and wood flooring. Additional spaces across campus used for dance include the Friederich Theater and Studio and The Andrews Hall Great Room.

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