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Housed within Marietta's Theatre Department, our Dance Minor offers students majoring in any discipline an opportunity to explore storytelling through dance, a dynamic artistic field that supports physical and emotional well being. Students can engage in the Dance Minor whether they are new to dance or have been dancing for many years.

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From choreography to learning a variety of dance styles, Marietta's Dance minor is for any student interested in exploring the movement and artistry of dance. Talented and dedicated faculty in the Theatre Department guide students through creative processes involved in various styles so they emerge with a broad knowledge of this artistic expression.

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Minor in Dance

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Storytelling through Dance: Dance Minor

The Dance minor encourages students to explore different aspects of theatre production through classes and productions.

Earning a minor In Dance

The Dance Minor allows students to explore various dance styles and the art of choreography.

DANC 110 Dance for Theatre 3 credit hours
DANC 201 Ballet / Modern 1 credit hour
DANC 202 Tap 1 credit hour
DANC 203 Jazz for Musical Theatre 1 credit hour
DANC 310 Elements of Choreography 3 credit hours
DANC 350 Special Topics in Dance 3 credit hours
THEA 225 Performance Practicum 1 credit hour
THEA 325 Advanced Performance Practicum 1 credit hour
  8 hrs of electives chosen from SPTM 285, PHED 127, PHED 128, ARTH 161, MUSC 101, DANC 303, WRIT 290, or THEA courses above 200 8 credit hours
Minor total: 22 credit hours

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