The Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing oversees Marietta College's online web presence, including the maintenance and creation of the core website. This includes providing the following services to Administrative and Academic Departments as well as Student Clubs and Organizations.

  • Updating content or creating a new page for the core site
  • Creating a new form or survey

While Web Services strives to work as quickly as possible, on average, please allow 3-5 business days for updates or new pages and two weeks for the creation of a form or survey.

Website Maintenance Policy

Minor edits to copy, photos, documents, etc. are generally executed in the order they are received. Please email your request to the webmaster and include the URL of the page(s) you want to be updated. Please note: if there is a PDF, or other downloadable forms that need to be updated do not send a direct link to the form. Instead, send the URL of the page that the form is located on and specify which link on the page goes to the PDF. If you have an urgent need, please state that in your email. If you have a large number of images or other items with large file sizes, please contact the webmaster first to arrange the best way to deliver the files.

Form Creation Policy

Web Services can create an online form for you upon request. You must provide the text copy and the information to collect. Forms can submit data to an email address of your choice for collection. Due to the custom nature of web forms, an in-person consultation might be required.