Jay Hauck current MCAA chairWhen thinking about Marietta College especially our beautiful campus, my favorite question to fellow Pioneers is, "what’s your favorite building?”.  My answer is easily Fayerweather Hall. I lived there senior year with my roommate, Suzy on the third floor of that graceful old women’s dorm, that was affectionately nick-named 'Menopause Mansion’.  Interestingly enough, the money donated to construct it in the 1890’s came from a Connecticut man named Daniel B. Fayerweather, a wealthy shoe manufacturer who had no connection whatsoever to Marietta College, but decided to give his estate away to a small collection of schools he thought worthy.  That list included only the best of his time; Yale, Amherst, Williams, Dartmouth, Columbia and Marietta College.

In the 1980’s when we moved into Fayerweather nearly 100 years after it was built,  we met up with many of the same people we shared Dorothy Webster freshman dorm floors with.  It was like, before we graduate and move to our next chapter, the circle between freshman and senior year was being sealed in this historic proud building.

I tell this story because I sincerely love being an alumni of our amazing, historic and humble school.  As receivers of a liberal arts degrees, we know that history helps pave the way to the future.  It is also to honor the history of all people that walked before us on those nearly 200 year old sidewalks and to make sure those that walk them today and in the future have the same great experience.

After spending a great amount of time on our campus a few years back doing research for his book, The Pioneers, Presidential Medal of Freedom and pulitzer Prize winning historian, David McCullough, was quoted saying that Marietta College was one of the best kept secrets in higher education. I’m sure we all agree with Mr McCullough and Mr Fayerweather, that MC is a special place and it is my sincere hope the projects and assistance the MCAA gives can help all graduates value the school today and long after this class graduates joining in the Long Blue Line.

As the Marietta College Alumni Association Chair, I work with the other 24 passionate members representing an alumni group some 25,000 strong.  Our board is made up of 25 unique people representing  17 different class years, nearly all the greek houses, 15 different states, and a multiple of varied career and life experiences.  What we have in common is our love of our school and the ability to lend a hand.

We encourages you all to help a high school student to apply, to give career advice to a graduating senior, to cheer on the Pioneer's sports teams, to visit at homecoming, make a donation to our Annual Fund or assist in a way special to you.  It is this support that will allow our school, it's campus and great buildings to continue to serve its graduates help them to connect, achieve and make history into the future.

During my tenure, I want to make sure Marietta continues to pioneer as times change and want to make sure all alumni voices are heard. The MCAA is that vessel to help alumni connect with the College. Let us help you by reaching out to either myself or any of the other 24 members. Thanks for all you do for our amazing MC.

Susan ‘Jay' Hauck
MCAA Chair  
Board of Trustees

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