Why Go Greek? There are a number of reasons why students choose to join a fraternity or sorority. Many students join with the desire to belong to a community and to create a close bond with other students. Others indicate that it is the leadership training and community service opportunities that first attracted them to Greek Life, while still others say it was the academic and networking benefits.

For our Greek students, their chapters and houses have become a “home away from home” while they are on campus at Marietta College. This 150-year long tradition has been a key part of many Marietta College students’ experiences.

How do I join? At Marietta College, formal recruitment occurs in September for women and in September and February for men. During these periods, councils and chapters host organized events that potential new members may attend to learn more about the organization. Fraternities and some sororities have opportunities to join a chapter throughout the year (informal recruitment).

Contact the Interfraternity Council if you are interested in men's organizations, or the Panhellenic Council if you are interested in women's organizations.

What is a Rho Gamma? A Rho Gamma is a member of a sorority on campus who has chosen to disassociate with her chapter in order to help women going through the recruitment process. She disaffiliates (keeps her Greek letters a secret) during the Recruitment process so that she may better serve as an unbiased resource for prospective members. At Marietta College, Rho Gammas are only used in conjunction with women's recruitment.

Will joining Greek life hurt my grades? Scholarship is one of the foundations of Greek Life. Every chapter has one officer who is dedicated to the academic achievement of the chapter and its members. This officer is responsible for developing programs to improve members' academic performance. Each chapter has a program in place to assist members who are not performing to their potential and also to celebrate the achievements of members who are doing well.

Research has shown that members of fraternities and sororities, on average, have higher GPAs than non-affiliated students. Marietta College is no exception to this trend! For detailed information about our Greek community and academics, contact Amanda Mullen, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Campus Involvement

Will I be hazed? Hazing is against federal, state, and local laws. It is also against Marietta College student organization policies as well as the policies of each chapter on campus. Hazing has no place in the activities of fraternity and sororities. Every chapter at Marietta College belongs to a national organization that has taken a strong stance against hazing and neither these organizations nor the College will tolerate it. Every fraternity and sorority member signs an anti-hazing contract stating that they have read and understand the Anti-Hazing Policy and the repercussions that come with violating the policy.

Does it cost a lot? Joining a fraternity or sorority does carry a financial commitment. Each chapter is self-supporting with revenue coming from dues-paying members. When students join a Greek organization, they agree to pay dues and fees while enrolled at Marietta College in order to maintain membership and support the events hosted by their organization. While Greek membership is a manageable expense, and some chapters are able to make accommodations for special circumstances, you should discuss the financial obligations with your parents before you join.

Does being a member of a fraternity/sorority really have benefits after graduation? Definitely! Being a member of a fraternity or sorority is a lifetime commitment. Once you are initiated, you are a member for life. Each organization maintains an extensive alumni network which is extremely beneficial when networking for internships and jobs.

Being a member of a Greek organization gives you a connection to the thousands of successful Greeks in the job market. Additionally, many chapters have alumni groups that operate in many cities throughout the country. Becoming an active member of such an organization after graduation will supply you with more connections for job networking…and give you the opportunity to build even more lasting friendships!