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Dr. Scott was the 17th president of Marietta College from 2000-2012. Upon her retirement in early 2012, the Dr. Jean A. Scott Staff Award for Distinctive Service was established to acknowledge and reward excellence among the college’s non-faculty staff. The award will be given annually to a deserving staff member chosen through a nomination process and committee review.

The Dr. Jean A. Scott Staff Award for Distinctive Service recognizes high-quality service among the staff at Marietta College. Staff selected for this prestigious award will receive a one-time monetary award and the perpetual right to be recognized as the recipient of the Dr. Jean A. Scott Award of Distinctive Service. Please note that staff excludes faculty and cabinet members.

Winners will be recognized at the Founders Day celebration.

In addition to the information listed in this form, the nominator will be asked to participate in a brief in-person interview with the nominations committee to provide more information.
* Please indicate if you would like to remain anonymous. You will still need to meet with the committee, but your name will not be made public.

Would you like to remain anonymous?*

Please provide the names and contact information of at least two other individuals who can attest to the worthiness of the nominee, at least one of whom must be a Marietta College employee.

Please identify attributes in as many categories of the five – cross-campus collaboration, service to students, service to the community at large, implementation of new ideas/initiatives, and exceptional job performance – outlined below as possible, emphasizing at least three in which they excel. We only know as much as you tell us, so please be as descriptive as possible. Make us understand why your nominee deserves this award! If there are specific examples or stories that drive your point home, we want to hear them. Use the boxes provided after each question, but also feel free to email additional information after submission, if needed (submit to 

Nominee works well with not only those in his/her own department, but frequently collaborates with various other departments across campus. Please describe
Nominee is closely involved with students and always working to expand and enhance the college experience. Please describe
Nominee is not only actively involved on campus, but also volunteers his/her time, talent and treasure to improve the community in which they live. Please describe
Nominee has either improved an existing system or developed an entirely new initiative that has contributed to achieving goals or overall success. Please describe
The nominee not only meets the demands of their job, but consistently performs above and beyond in the following areas: attitude, attendance, follow-up, knowledge, timeliness and helpfulness. Please describe

Please list anything else you would like the committee to know when making their decision. Keep in mind the qualities listed below and elaborate on how and why your nominee demonstrates these things.

• Leadership
• Engagement
• Mentorship
• Attends events

Email any supplemental documentation or information that supports the nominees worthiness after submission ( This can be a publication, sample of work, etc. 

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