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Annual Conference

This one-day, low-cost conference offers a variety of workshops built around an annual theme. Designed as an easy entry point for organizations to connect to Nonprofits LEAD, as well as a useful stand-alone professional development opportunity and networking event for organizations who may not be able to participate in Nonprofits LEAD’s ongoing programming.


Build regional identity and collaboration; re-energize; connect to new organizations; offer a basic level of professional development and capacity building that is easily accessible to all organizations, and engage young professionals.

Next Gen

This intensive two-semester academic program matches Marietta College students with local nonprofit boards. Students attend weekly classes as well as monthly board meetings. They work on specific projects for their nonprofit organizations through the class; a capacity assessment, a grant proposal, and a personalized engagement plan. Support and assistance is provided to the organizations involved to strengthen their boards while in the program.


Engage youth and young professionals; encourage innovation among boards; develop and implement small scale capacity building projects in local organizations.

Community Board Training

A one-time, half-day training open to all interested community members which covers the basics of nonprofit board service in an accessible way. This training has been used by some organizations as an orientation for new and prospective board members, and also utilized by individuals interested in learning more about board roles and governance. Workshop is offered in both Marietta and Parkersburg annually.


Cultivate more community member involvement in the nonprofit sector; increase knowledge about board governance in current and emerging nonprofit organizations.


These half or one-day events focus on presenting information and techniques applicable to a wide range of organizations in their day to day work. Topics range from grant writing and sponsorship to marketing and storytelling, and are offered, when possible, in partnership with community foundations.


Fill specific, identified skill or capacity gaps to allow organizations to better meet their missions; encourage awareness and implementation of best practices.

Individual Consulting and Support

As-needed assistance is offered to nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Ohio Valley by request. Frequent requests include assistance with board development, mission review and reconstruction, and meeting facilitation. In addition, answers to frequently asked questions are provided, as are resources such as articles, tools, templates, and best practices, and informal referrals to consultants or other programs as appropriate.  Organizations regularly tell us how useful it is to them to have, in one director’s words, “someone who will pick up the phone” when they have a question or issue.


Provide access point for services and programs; facilitate organizational development processes; build a sense of nonprofit community by connecting organizations to Nonprofits LEAD and to each other; allow motivated groups to move forward at their own pace.

Learning Groups

Nonprofits LEAD has developed 3 learning group series: The Board Learning Group (last delivered 2017-18), Executive Directors Learning Group (Last delivered 2018) and an Emerging Leaders learning group for staff (last delivered 2017).


Stronger leaders within nonprofit boards; more effective and higher functioning boards; more collaboration between board members of different organizations; build availability of peer assistance among community members who serve on boards.

Nonprofit Accelerator

An intensive cohort based program to take participating nonprofits to the next level in areas such as fundraising, volunteer management and other essential capacity areas.


Individual organizations reach SMART goals while developing a strong network with the others in the cohort.

Self-Care Retreat

This program was created to counter the likelihood of burnout and turnover in the nonprofit sector.  We bring in staff and leadership together to learn, experience and incorporate selfcare techniques including healthy eating, mindfulness, yoga, journaling, positive thinking, healthy workplace culture and goal-setting.


Participants leave feeling appreciated, refreshed and equipped for moving forward to make caring for themselves part of their work and life routines.

Board Chair / Executive Director Retreat

This full-day, facilitated retreat is being developed to strengthen the communication, understanding and working relationship between Executive Directors and their Board Chairs. We know this  relationship is critical to the health and effectiveness of the organization.


Nonprofit Leadership in the organization has a unified message for the staff, board and community.

Lunch and Learns

This simple format is common and effective for dissemination of information with very little need for engagement or for beginning conversations that can be carried back to other venues.


Outcomes vary greatly by topic, but the general theme is to increase the audience’s knowledge or understanding in a specific area.

Summits and Collaboration Events

While the networking that occurs naturally in our other programs often will lead to collaboration between nonprofits, a facilitated event can lead to more focused outcomes.


Better awareness and relationships among organizations; mapped assets and gaps among target sectors; increased awareness of Nonprofits LEAD and other support services; setting an informed agenda for future capacity-building work through Nonprofits LEAD; facilitating collaborative work for impact.

NonProfits LEAD Program Schedule

Community Board Training

$25 Per person**

3-hour overview of Board Roles & Responsibilities and Legal Duties. For current, new or potential board members

Register Here

The ED Learning Group

Join other Executive Directors for a Nonprofit Leadership Series based on assessment of your own strengths. Books, Assessments included. Certificate.


Next Gen


Marietta College and Your Board Meetings

Marietta College Students on Boards of local nonprofits!

Apply to be a NextGen student board member



We partner with regional foundations and organizations.  Great speakers on topics that are important to Mid-Ohio Valley Nonprofits.


Nonprofit Accelerator




Boardmember Matching Event

Perspective Board Members meet Nonprofits seeking Board Members.

The Annual Conference

Marietta College


Capacity Building and Networking – Locally! A wide variety of topics for Board Members, Executive Directors, Staff and Volunteers.


*Members of the WVNPA receive a $5 discount on all programs unless otherwise noted

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Shannan Tschopp
Nonprofits LEAD Program Director

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