Marietta College students have three options to choose from when preparing for an international experience whether studying, interning, or volunteering abroad.

Third Party Providers (TPP)
Organizations and companies that have programs all over the globe for intensive months, summer, semester and academic year terms. TPP coordinate and assist students with the application process, advising and an on-site orientation (in your host country). This is the most popular option at Marietta, given our wide variety of programs. All TPP program options can be found in Thomas 214. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, the OEA staff will help you find an alternative option.

Faculty-led programs
Group-based travel (1-4 weeks) led by Marietta faculty members. Most programs are for credit and vary in length. Students enrolled in the specific course travel together and experience the culture, destination and academic content hands on.

Click below to learn about past programs:

Ireland (Sports Management)
Australia (Sports Medicine/Athletic Training)
Costa Rica/Belize (Leadership) — 2015
Costa Rica/Belize (Leadership) — 2012
Costa Rica (Biology) — 2011
Costa Rica (Biology) — 2009
Thailand/Cambodia (Leadership)
Ghana (Leadership)
Australia (Mass Media and Education)

Direct Enrollment
Direct enrollment means that you enroll directly with a foreign university. You will be considered an "international student" and will be studying with students from the host institution as well as other international students. Keep in mind that if you are doing this option in a host country that speaks a different language, you will need to be highly proficient in that language and will coordinate with the International Office on campus.

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