The Energy Systems Engineering Minor will supplement students’ science and engineering curricula and prepare them for entry-level positions in many sectors of the energy industry, graduate school, government service, and life-long learning and professional development. The Educational Objectives of the Energy Systems Engineering minor are:

  1. To provide students with a knowledge of energy systems in the areas of resources, generation, transmission, utilization and environmental impact.
  2. To provide students with introductory social and economic analysis experience involving both renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.
  3. To provide students with an opportunity to address global environmental and sustainability issues related to energy.

If you are interested in sustainability, Marietta College also offers:

Focus on Sustainability

Students interested in sustainability and the environment especially benefit because of our collaboration and integration between the following programs at Marietta College.

Engineering Geology/Geology
The Geology Program and especially the concentration in Engineering Geology is a part of Marietta College's focus on Sustainability because it offers students an exciting opportunity to be involved in finding sustainable solutions to resource use and environmental damage from human activities.

Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering is a central part of Marietta College's focus on sustainability, as the technical practice of mitigating and remediating environmental damage from human activities.

Energy Systems
Energy Systems is a part of Marietta College's focus on sustainability, offering minors for students to explore the role of Energy in Sustainable development and related social and environmental impacts.

Environmental Science
The Environmental Science Program has particular impact because of the connections we make between all the sciences in order to develop sustainable environmental solutions to society’s problems.

Environmental Studies
The Environmental Studies Program offers Marietta College Students a great opportunity to explore the role of society in integrating science with policy to work towards a sustainable community and world.

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