The Gender Studies program provides opportunities for the student to:

  • Learn how concepts of gender influence social and interpersonal behavior
  • Recognize how sexuality can influence social and personal decisions
  • Grasp how social constructs (legal, political, religious systems) attempt to regulate human sexuality
  • Become familiar with various men's and women's groups and gain an understanding of what men and women seek from membership in these groups
  • Gain an understanding of how and why tensions arise between these groups
  • Explore his or her own gender role and identity
  • Acquire empathy toward the various and often differing individual definitions of "womanhood" and "manhood"
  • Examine the impact of gender identity on human relations historically and cross-culturally

Students interested in Gender Studies have an array of activities to select from at Marietta, including the College's award-winning "WITS" (Women In The Sciences) Program. This series of after-school and summer camp programs is designed to help local fifth- through eighth-grade girls achieve high standards in math and science.

Various community service organizations and events are supported by Gender Studies students, including the local Sexual Assault Intervention Network (SAIN); the Center for Women's Care; Eve, Inc. (battered women's shelter); the Marietta Family YMCA; and the O'Neill Senior Center.

Requirements for a Minor
Gender Studies 150, Psychology 150, plus four courses from the following areas (but not more than two from each area):

A: Economics 325, Gender Studies 350, Linguistics 232, Philosophy 241, Political Science 306, Psychology 225;
B: Chinese 370, English 235, Gender Studies 325, 380, History/Religion 303, History 329;
C: Art History 373, Communication 319, 380 (when the topic is Gender and Communication), Theatre 350 (when the topic is gay drama).

Courses that have been approved as Gender Studies courses are identified with a "Z" in the course listings distributed each semester by the Records Office.

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