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In addition to completing a liberal arts core, Industrial/Engineering Chemistry majors prepare for careers in science and for graduate school by completing a rigorous course load that blends advanced studies with plenty of lab experience.
Requirements for a major in Industrial/Engineering Chemistry.
Student Success
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What You'll Learn as an Industrial/Engineering Chemistry Major.

Industrial/Engineering Chemistry prepares students for increasingly diverse, dynamic, and technological careers. The most distinctive aspect of this major is the flexibility it offers. Our graduates can work in many different kinds of businesses and organizations — immediately after graduation or after pursuing an advanced degree. You will also have the opportunity to move into supervisory or management positions as you progress in your career, but you will continue to draw on your technical background.

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Is it possible to double major and still graduate in four years?

Yes. Highly motivated students often choose to complete the requirements for two majors. Students choosing to major in Industrial/Engineering Chemistry may wish to consider a second major in such fields as Physics, Mathematics, or Environmental Engineering. Students completing a double major will have an extra credential when looking for a job or when applying for graduate study; however, a double major is not a good idea for everyone. Often a better approach is to choose particular advanced courses as electives, matching one's own interests and abilities.

Does the department accept AP credits toward the major?

The department recognizes the accomplishments of students who have AP credit in chemistry. Any student who scores a 3 in AP Chemistry will get credit for CHEM 101. Any student who scores a 5 in AP Chemistry will get credit for CHEM 100 and CHEM 131/133.

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