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In addition to completing a liberal arts core, Applied Biochemistry majors prepare for careers in science and for graduate school by completing a rigorous course load that blends advanced studies with plenty of lab experience.
Requirements for a major in Applied Biochemistry.
Student Success
of Marietta College students will complete a Senior Capstone project or presentation
of Marietta College graduates are either employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation
Professor Suzanne Parsons and a Biochemistry student looking at a laptop while sitting at a picnic table outdoors.
Image of a science experement
Professor Jim Jeitler teaching chemistry majors in Rickey Science Center
Professor Kevin Pate looks over course work with chemistry majors

What You'll Learn as an Applied Biochemistry Major.

This new major was designed by our faculty to meet the growing demand from prospective students, and the need for graduates in this area. You will learn how to use the application of biochemistry to solve practical problems in fields such as medicine, agriculture, and industry. While biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes and substances in living organisms, you will learn how to apply this knowledge to solve practical problems.

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Does the department accept AP credits toward the major?

The department recognizes the accomplishments of students who have AP credit in chemistry. Any student who scores a 3 in AP Chemistry will get credit for CHEM 101. Any student who scores a 5 in AP Chemistry will get credit for CHEM 100 and CHEM 131/133.

Will I be required to complete an internship to graduate?

No, but our majors are required to complete a Capstone project and the Chemical Professional course.

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