Specific Resources for Marietta College Alumni Whether you’re an alumnus/na who is:

  • Interested in career services provided free of charge for yourself;
  • Interested in recruiting a MC student/graduate for your organization;
  • Interested in sharing your time, expertise to provide career-related advice to current students;

...the Career Center is here to serve/partner with you.

Learn, Earn, Return: Top 10 Ways to Give Back to MC that don’t involve $$

  1. Visit a class and share your career story and world of work advice.
  2. Share internship and job leads from your organization and professional networks with the MC Career Center.
  3. Serve as an ambassador for a MC student by offering relocation assistance and advice concerning your current location/city of residence.
  4. Conduct an informational interview with a student over the phone or in person to give them a better idea of your career field.
  5. Help prepare students for employment interviews by offering to conduct a mock interview over the phone or in person.
  6. Critique a Résumé for a student who is interested in your profession.
  7. Participate in our alumni spotlight by sharing your career story and photo for the MC Career Center web site.
  8. Agree to serve as a mentor for a student sharing wisdom about college, career, graduate school, leadership, etc.
  9. Wear your MC paraphernalia and hand out Career Center business cards to professionals who may have internship and job leads.
  10. Spread the good word about Marietta College to everyone, wherever you are!