Career Center Appointments:

Top 10 reasons students make appointments (not in any particular order):

  1. To decide on a major
  2. To determine what careers link to their major
  3. To obtain help with job search documents like resumes, cover letters, applications, and LinkedIn
  4. To find a summer, part time job or internship
  5. To find career launch position for after graduation
  6. To apply to graduate/professional school
  7. To practice interviewing
  8. To gain advice and strategy related to networking
  9. To learn more about professional etiquette like dining etiquette and dressing to impress
  10. To learn how to stand out in this competitive marketplace and gain support since "you don't have to do this alone!"

Make an Appointment

Contact the Career Center at or make an appointment in Handshake.

Career Center Classes

College 200: Career Exploration & Planning: Introduction to Self Assessment and the World of Work

This course, designed primarily for freshman and sophomores, as well as students who are undecided, will allow students to gain more self knowledge and career information so that appropriate, informed decisions can be made. A variety of assessment and exploration activities will be conducted culminating in a final career action plan.
1 credit hour. Offered both fall and spring semester.

College 400: Career Exploration & Planning: Activating Your Career Plan

This course, designed primarily for juniors and seniors, is for students who are embarking on internships and/or seeking their first job or entrance into graduate school. The course will focus on the employment and graduate school application process and involve practice with online resources and application tools such as resumes, cover letters, personal statements and interviews.
1 credit hour. Offered both fall and spring semester