“It’s been about two weeks now since I arrived in Dubrovnik, and it’s been quite a ride. Aside from spending time getting to know the people in my program, I’ve been to the war museum at the top of Mount Srđ, I’ve hiked to the grocery store, bought a yoga mat and my first real hiking backpack; I’ve found all of the coffee shops in town, planned my travels around Europe, kayaked around Lokrum, visited the Elafiti Islands and eaten plenty of gelato.”
-Eileen Walsh (Cohort 26), psychology major with minors in Leadership Studies and Economics, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, studied in Croatia. To read her blog, please visit her website.

As communications technology expands along with the number of students interested in studying abroad, the McDonough Center offers the McDonough Worldwide Blogging Program for the leadership students. During their junior year, many McDonough Scholars choose to study abroad as part of the experiential requirement for the major in International Leadership Studies and the minor in Leadership Studies. While abroad, they participate in this program, which encourages leadership students to reflect on their study-abroad experiences through blogging.

For students who are studying abroad in the spring semester, blogging also becomes an opportunity to exchange ideas with students taking sophomore-level LEAD 203 (Global Leadership). LEAD 203 students are required to follow at least one of the blogs and write comments during the spring semester. Through their study-abroad experiences, McDonough Scholars are able to expand the LEAD 203 students’ global perspective while developing their own critical thinking skills.

Recent McDonough Worldwide Bloggers:

Leadership students blogged for the LEAD 203 (Global Leadership) classes during the Spring 2020 semester (click on their names to read their blogs): Rowan Henderson-Bernard '22 (Paris, France); Graham Nesselrode '21 (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Past McDonough Worldwide Bloggers:

Leadership students who contributed a blog to LEAD 203 (Global Leadership) classes in recent years (click on their names to read their blogs): Joe Tucker (Mendoza, Argentina); Leah Seaman (Florence, Italy); Tom Farish (Oslo, Norway); Ashley Klopfenstein (Prague, Czech Republic); Lindsey Schrock (Italy); Rachel Thompson (Ireland); Madison Moreno (Spain); Monica Short (France); Alina Kielbasa (Fiji); Danie Chirdon (Finland); Sydney Maltese (Italy); Maggie Pike (Belgium); Katie Anderson (China); Mary Roberts (Peru).