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Hello Pioneers,

My name is Colton Abate and I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Campus life is a busy life. Although, much more of my time is now spent in the elementary classroom as I prepare to enter into my final internship this spring, which will consist of me in the classroom essentially every day. I’m a Special and Early Childhood Education major in my senior year at Marietta College. I decided my major during the senior year of high school, but I always knew that I wanted to have a career working with and helping children acquire new skills. With that, throughout my college career the skills I have become interested in learning and acquiring have drastically shifted. Originally, going into college the only skills I sought after were in helping me progress as an athlete. This changed due to an injury and a coaching situation at my previous school. I transferred from there after my freshman year. I have recently become involved more and more with the media side of Marietta College since arriving here. I bought a camera, and editing software a few years ago soon after my sports injury. As I have taken online classes and studied film over the course of my college career alongside my education degree, I have developed a passion for telling stories and sharing short narratives with other through the use of videos. Since becoming aware of this new passion of mine, my campus involvement has drastically increased, and has overall made me a better person because of it. I’m excited for these reasons to be an ambassador; to share parts of my short stories that I create for either the college or my personal agendas. Lastly, I’m excited to receive comments, feedback, and advice that I can use to better myself, as an educator, filmmaker, and person in general. I hope to hear some of your own stories as well!

Colton Abate

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