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Hello! My name is Gabby Turner, and I am currently a junior at Marietta. I am originally from Beavercreek, Ohio, which is roughly three hours away. I first decided to visit Marietta because of the frequent and consistent mailings from the Admissions Office regarding the amazing opportunities Marietta has to offer. After touring the beautiful campus and seeing the close-knit community aspect, I decided to submit my deposit not even one week later. Since then, every day has been a consistent reminder that I made the right college decision. Since coming in as a freshman, I have become involved in several extracurricular activities on top of being a STEM major and volunteering at the hospital. While I am usually pretty busy, I enjoy getting to see so many different social groups each day. I am extremely excited to share my life with you all and hopefully connect with each person in one way or another!

Gabby Turner (she/her)
Marietta College '24
Student Body Vice President
Marietta Mindset President
Health Science/ Leadership/ Health Communication

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