Accounting is central to any business — that's why good accountants are always in demand. At Marietta, you'll learn from faculty who are certified public accountants, and you will gain a foundation in business as well as the technical aspects of accounting. You’ll enjoy opportunities that you won’t find in many other undergraduate programs, such as working with outside practitioners as you conduct an independent research project; many of our students have presented and published their work. Our close ties to universities in China and Brazil also allow you to study and work in a major emerging market for up to a year.

We have an extensive network of internship partners in public and private accounting, business and industry, nonprofits and government. Many students spend the spring of their junior year in a full-time internship; in all cases, these have led to job offers. Recent internship sites and employers include the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Caterpillar, Sherwin-Williams, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ball Corporation.

Choose either our accounting major or our 150-hour public accounting major, which will qualify you to take the Certified Public Accountant Examination in the state of Ohio immediately upon graduation.

Sample Four-Year Schedule

First Year (Fall Semester)
Computer Science 110 Computing in Business 3 credit hours
Economics 211 Principles of Microeconomics 3 credit hours
Writing 110 College Composition 3 credit hours
History 101 U.S. History, The First Century 3 credit hours
First Year Seminar   3 credit hours
Semester Credit Hours   15 credit hours
First Year (Spring Semester)
Economics 212 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 credit hours
Accounting 201 Intro to Management Accounting 3 credit hours
Communication 101 Fundamentals of Communication 3 credit hours
Sociology 101 Intro to Sociology 3 credit hours
Mathematics 123 Practical Statistics 3 credit hours
Physical Education 121 Racquetball 1 credit hour
Semester Credit Hours   16 credit hours
Second Year (Fall Semester)
Accounting 202 Intro to Financial Accounting 3 credit hours
Management Info Systems 220 Intro to Management Systems 3 credit hours
Music 101 Intro to Western Music 3 credit hours
Astronomy 105 Intro to Astronomy 4 credit hours
Political Science 120 Intro to Comparative Politics 3 credit hours
College 200 Career Planning 1 credit hour
Semester Credit Hours   17 credit hours
Second Year (Spring Semester)
Leadership 111 Fundamentals of American Leadership 3 credit hours
Management 381 Principles of Marketing 3 credit hours
Theatre 106 Acting I 3 credit hours
Psychology 101 Intro to Psychology 3 credit hours
Art History 162 Design Appreciation 3 credit hours
Physical Education 116 Golf 1 credit hour
Semester Credit Hours   16 credit hours
Third Year (Fall Semester)
Accounting 301 Intermediate Accounting I 3 credit hours
Accounting 302 Intermediate Accounting II 3 credit hours
Accounting 420 Federal Income Taxation 3 credit hours
Chinese 101 Chinese Level I 3 credit hours
Leadership 305 Business Ethics 3 credit hours
Management 301 Managing Organizations 3 credit hours
Semester Credit Hours   18 credit hours
Third Year (Spring Semester)
Accounting 303 Intermediate Accounting III 3 credit hours
Accounting 320 Accounting Information Systems 3 credit hours
Philosophy 211 Philosophy of Science Fiction 3 credit hours
English 235 Concepts of Gender 3 credit hours
Communication 330 Crisis Communication 3 credit hours
Finance 301 Business Finance 3 credit hours
Semester Credit Hours   18 credit hours
Fourth Year (Fall Semester)
Management 315 Legal Environment of Business 3 credit hours
Accounting 497 Internship in Accounting 3 credit hours
Energy Systems 101 Energy Resources and Utilization 4 credit hours
Writing 305 Business Writing 3 credit hours
College 400 The Job Search 1 credit hour
Political Science 103 American National Government 3 credit hours
Semester Credit Hours   17 credit hours
Fourth Year (Spring Semester)
Accounting 401 Advanced Accounting 3 credit hours
Accounting 460 Accounting Research 3 credit hours
Accounting 410 Auditing 3 credit hours
Communication 420 Business Communication Seminar 3 credit hours
Geology 104/105 Dinosaurs 4 credit hours
Physical Education 127 Hatha Yoga 1 credit hour
Semester Credit Hours   17 credit hours
Fifth Year (Fall Semester)
Accounting 311 Cost Accounting 3 credit hours
Economics 301 Money & Banking 3 credit hours
Mass Media 101 Media & Society 3 credit hours
Management Information Systems 310 Enterprise Information Systems & ERP 3 credit hours
Political Science 207 American Foreign Policy 3 credit hours
Music 145 Guitar 1 credit hour
Semester Credit Hours   16 credit hours


* Remember that this schedule should just be seen as a guide toward your Public Accounting degree. Your schedule can be adjusted to accommodate a second major and/or minors at the College. You will work with your academic advisor to ensure that you graduate on schedule and with classes that most interest you and lead you toward the career path that you are working to achieve.

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