A Degree in Sport Management

Our interdisciplinary Sport Management program will provide you the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in one of the many areas of the sports industry, including event management, ticketing and sales, YMCA and other voluntary organizations, the private fitness sector, collegiate sports, sports marketing and youth sports.

Through a rigorous selection of courses that encourage and develop critical thinking and problem solving, you will develop into a leader who can apply business practices to the sports industry. And because you will have a degree from Marietta, you will possess the competitive knowledge and ability to communicate your ideas through both written and oral presentations.

Our students have interned with the Dallas Cowboys, Columbus Blue Jackets, Myrtle Beach Pelicans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Flyers, Oakland Athletics, and DC United, to name a few. Graduates work in a variety of positions within the sports industry or are continuing their education in graduate programs in sport management or professional programs in business and law.


Through innovative teaching techniques, experiential learning, and a commitment to preparing students for graduate school and/or industry work immediately after graduation, the Sport Management program at Marietta College will be a first-choice degree program for aspiring industry career professionals.


The Sport Management program at Marietta College adequately prepares students for graduate school and careers in the sports industry, including marketing, sales, tickets, team/personnel management, event and facility management, fundraising, coaching, and licensing in for-profit and non-profit sectors, professional and semi-professional sport leagues, college and high school sport organizations and teams, community-based sport organizations, and sport industry corporations.

The academic environment fosters positive interaction among students and faculty through the sharing of ideas, opinions, and experiences from each person’s unique perspective and diverse background.

Marietta College sport management graduates will be known for having hands-on experience and knowledge through completion of internships, participation in experiential learning opportunities, building a network of industry professionals through class assignments and participation in extra-curricular activities, and mastery of industry technology/software, clearly differentiating and distinguishing Marietta College graduates from other sport management programs.

Earning a Degree in Sport Management

Earning a B.A. in Sport Management means immersing yourself in Libral Arts Learning. Below is an example degree audit to illustrate the interdisciplinary nature


ACCT 201 Intro to Management Accounting 3 credit hours
ACCT 202 Intro to Financial Accounting 3 credit hours
ECON 211 Microeconomics 3 credit hours
ECON 212 Macroeconomics 3 credit hours
ECON 340 Economics of Sports 3 credit hours
MIS 220 Management Information Systems 3 credit hours
MNGT 201 Managing Organizations 3 credit hours
MKTG 201 Principles of Marketing 3 credit hours
MATH 123 Practical Statistics 3 credit hours
WRIT 305
or COMM 420
Business Writing
or Business Communication
3 credit hours
SMGT 280 Sport Management 3 credit hours
SMGT 332
or MNGT 315
Legal Issues in Sport
or Legal Environment
3 credit hours
SMGT 334 Sport Facility & Event Management 3 credit hours
SMGT 336 Sport Marketing 3 credit hours


Choose any three from: MNGT 320, MNGT 345, MKTG 325, MKTG 385, MASS 230, MIS 330, GRPH 201, SMGT 481


SMGT X97 Internship 3 credit hours
SMGT 497 Internship 3 credit hours
SMGT 499 Sport Management Capstone 3 credit hours


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