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Fall 2023

Not too long ago, hundreds and hundreds of alumni returned to campus for the annual Homecoming celebration. For some, it was the first time in decades since returning, which is always fun to see.

Depending on when their last visit took place, campus looks entirely different. The Christy Mall is one of the biggest shocks. “We’d have to dodge cars to get to class.” Dawes Memorial Library is also mentioned quite a few times. “I helped carry books into that library.” Those memories typically garner a chuckle from the storyteller.

It’s when they start talking about the people they knew back then — fellow students, professors they made connections with, administrators who were tough as nails and local families who invited them into their homes — that the memories turn into emotions. Their smiles become wistful looks as they remember the kid that they once were and how the people of Marietta College cared for and educated that kid.

Alumni returning after a long absence are easy to spot. They look at campus very much the same way that the 17- and 18-year-old incoming freshmen look at it — excited to be here and ready for an adventure.

If you missed Homecoming this year, don’t worry, work is already underway for next year. As you know, you are always welcome to come home!

September 2023 Marietta Magazine Cover featuring a photo of campus

September 2023

Greetings, MC community,

Our students are back on campus and classes are in full swing. With Fall just around the corner, it's a great time to be at Marietta College.

In this issue of Marietta Magazine, we celebrate the completion and success of the This is the Time comprehensive campaign. The generosity and support our alumni, employees, and friends showed to the College helped raise more than $100 million in gifts, pledges, and bequests, and it will have a lasting impact on the educational experiences of generations of students.

The magazine also includes stories about the first recipients of the Intel ASCENT internships and the success of recent alum, Turner Hill ’23, who is playing in the San Francisco Giants organization.

Enjoy your issue!

Read the September 2023 Magazine

June 2023 Marietta Magazine cover featuring an image of the 186th Annual Commencement program

June 2023

Happy (almost) summer, Pioneers!

Our newest graduates have crossed the Commencement stage and joined the distinguished Long Blue Line. For me, that’s really the mark that summer has begun. In this digital issue, we’ve dedicated a photo spread to our 2023 alumni.

You can also read about Bart Gullong ’70 and the remarkable story of how his company’s QuikClot — the lifesaving, blood-clotting product — has saved countless lives on the battlefield and beyond, and also inspired the new book, In the Blood.

We also included a story about a special baseball reunion that happened on campus this spring, as well as the Class Notes section. If you’re enjoying time at one of your favorite vacation destinations or catching up with one of your former MC classmates, be sure to snap a photo or take a short video and email it to us at so we can include it in our next Class Notes section!

As always, I hope you enjoy your Marietta Magazine!

Read the June 2023 Magazine

April 2023 Marietta Magazine Cover featuring photo of seniors celebrating with cake

April 2023

We are just a few weeks from celebrating the 2023 graduates, so it’s a perfect time to catch you up on what’s been happening in the Marietta College community. In this issue of Marietta Magazine, we’re highlighting a handful of graduating seniors who — because of their amazing education and experience at MC — are ready to embark on the next chapters of their lives.

You can also enjoy this issue’s “I Pioneer,” featuring one of the greatest pioneers in Marietta history: Dr. Story Musgrave, M.D., Class of 1960. He visited campus in November and he graciously had a long conversation with our videographer, Nathan Reich, and me about his journey to space, his surgical career, and his family.

TP (Tom Perry — writer, VP and top-tier haiku poet — for those who are new readers of Marietta Magazine) also wrote a feature about Marietta College women who competed prior to the passage of Title IX who recently received their varsity letters.

As a reminder, this issue contains the In Memoriam section, so the next issue will include Class Notes. Please share your updates with us at As always, thank you for supporting our work at the College.

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February 2023 Marietta Magazine Cover featuring photo of women rowers carrying a shell

February 2023

Students have returned for spring semester — and there are a number of exciting things happening before we reach spring break. Just as you receive this digital magazine, campus will welcome back a number of outstanding former student-athletes for Winter Weekend; also, we will celebrate Founders Day with a Day of Giving, which you will learn about from Kat Gloor in the opening message in this issue.

The main feature, which TP spent months researching, delves into Marietta College’s history as it relates to the passage of Title IX. The issue also includes a look at how the campus community honored the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a day of education.

As always, I invite you to share an update for our Class Notes section (  and ask that you share stories you enjoyed on your social media — it helps us market Marietta College to prospective students.

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Marietta Magazine December 2022 Cover Image depicting two students walking on campus

December 2022

The holiday season is here, as is the December issue of your digital Marietta Magazine!

The main feature in this issue celebrates the four seasons on campus. We spent a year working with nature photographer Bruce Wunderlich to capture images of campus and added captions to each photo that gives a bit of history about this historic institution.

Readers may also be inspired by an alumnus who established a scholarship in memory of a fellow classmate who became a treasured friend, as well as the story about how a talented petroleum engineer also created successful artistic ventures.

As always, if you have an interesting story to share or would like to include a class note in an upcoming edition, we invite you to email your ideas to — we would love to hear from you.


Read the December 2022 Magazine

Banner Image for November 2022 Marietta Magazine

November 2022

It’s almost turkey season, which means the College has already celebrated Homecoming 2022 — one of my favorite times at Marietta.

Tara Meagle, Dr. Erika Smith and Erica Starr Delaney (aka: the Erik/cas from Alumni Engagement), and the whole Advancement team planned an amazing 100th celebration that spanned from campus to downtown Marietta. This issue of your digital Marietta Magazine includes plenty of photos and quick interviews with the alumni who were gracious enough to take time out of their fun to talk with me.

Also in this issue is Marietta’s effort to become a Student-Ready College. This initiative is crucial to both our students’ success and our enrollment. The story includes a video from our beloved Dr. Suzanne Walker, who explains the impetus for this effort and the impact it will have on future generations of Pioneers.

As an update to Day of Giving, we included a story about the WCMO-TV project, which was supported by your generosity. If you are interested in supporting these types of projects or student aid, please visit

This issue also includes other stories about Marietta and our alumni, as well as Class Notes. Next issue will have the In Memoriam section.

Please remember, if you especially like one of our stories, share it on social media. Help us celebrate Marietta College to a larger audience. Thank you so much for all you do to support Marietta.

Read the November 2022 Magazine

Cover for September 2022 Marietta Magazine

September 2022

This year, we welcomed more than 350 new students to campus — and they are full of promise. And while their first day living on campus was filled with personable interactions with staff, faculty and administrators, the Marietta College tradition means that those students will continue to have meaningful relationships and experiences that will continue well beyond their last day on campus.

Read the September 2022 Magazine

Cover for August 2022 Marietta Magazine

August 2022

With summer break nearing its end and fall semester just a few weeks away, we think it’s a great time to catch you up on what’s happening within the Marietta College community.

In this issue of Marietta Magazine, we cover the amazing season that the ’Etta Express had, as well as what has been happening on campus over the summer. In this issue, we have included Class Notes.

Read the August 2022 Magazine

Cover image for Marietta College's Summer 2022 Marietta Magazine

Summer 2022

Coming from a journalism background — newspapers, to be more specific — I remember how commonplace it was to open the front door on a Saturday morning, pick up the morning paper, and start my morning off with a cup of coffee and a bit of news, some of which I covered personally. Now, I read my news on my phone.

Times change … and usually for the better.

Yes, your Marietta Magazine has returned to its digital format, which we first introduced at the start of the pandemic. And while some prefer to hold a physical copy of this special publication, we know it is time to remain in the digital age. First, it reduces our carbon footprint. Second, we can produce digital publications more frequently with little cost. As you will read, in this issue, we focus on the incredible accomplishments of our men’s and women’s basketball teams. The next issue will look at the Etta Express’s amazing run in the World Series. And third, with this new format, you can easily share the stories you love by clicking the social media icons at the top of each story — which enables you to help with our efforts to market Marietta College.

We know that marketing Marietta to the digital community will help us recruit and retain talented students and grow The Long Blue Line. We also know that more communication with alumni, students, and the full Marietta College community will help keep you invested in this timeless institution. As we’ve come to appreciate over the past two and a half years, communication is a vital tool in every aspect of society — and we aim to provide more communication about Marietta to you by producing more digital publications. We would love to have your input on what stories you want to see and ways we can improve.

Thank you for readership and support — and enjoy your digital Marietta Magazine!


Marietta Magazine cover for Fall 2021

Fall 2021

After missing out on an in-person gathering in 2020, members of The Long Blue Line were ready for a momentous return to campus to celebrate the 2021 (Come Back) Homecoming in late October.

Hundreds of Pioneers and their families celebrated the weekend, and the College made sure to honor classes that achieved milestone reunion years — such as the Golden Reunion Classes of 1970 and 1971 — with memorable events. This issue of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, features snapshots of events during Homecoming — from the All-Alumni Welcome, the MCAA Awards Ceremony, the Football Tailgate and other special reunions that took place at Marietta.

The issue also includes the 150th Anniversary of Rowing at Marietta, as well as the public launch of the historic “This is the Time” comprehensive campaign, which aspires to raise $100 million to support areas such as student engagement, endowed scholarships, faculty development, campus accessibility, beautification and wayfinding, distinctive academic programs, The Marietta Fund, and the construction of a “Student Center for Our Time.” You can learn more about the campaign at

You can also catch up on news shared by alumni in the Class Notes section. If you would like to share your own update in a future publication, please email it to

Cover of the Summer 2021 Marietta College Alumni Magazine

Summer 2021

One of the most daunting aspects of going to college is wondering if and when you will make friends. Marietta offers dozens of clubs and organizations that are centered around specific activities and goals, so students can seek out people who have similar niche interests.

The feature story in the Summer 2021 issue of Marietta Magazine explores how these clubs have become beacons for students who may have otherwise struggled to find friend groups — and how these organizations can mean the difference between a student choosing to stay at Marietta and one who chooses to transfer or withdraw from college altogether.

Also in this issue are photo spreads of the Commencement ceremonies for the classes of 2020 and 2021, held on campus in May, as well as stories about student-athletes returning for a fifth year of play, alumni who have made the bold decision to change career paths, and students who have excelled academically during the year of COVID-19.

As always, you can catch up on news shared by alumni in the Class Notes section. You may submit your special update by emailing

Winter 2020 Cover of the Marietta Magazine

Spring 2021

After taking a yearlong break from printing the Marietta Magazine due to the pandemic, it is with great pleasure that we can return to that format.

This issue unveils a new and exciting series — I, Pioneer — which highlights alumni, students and employees who are committed to making their marks on their industry, their communities or in their personal lives. Coming to you in a multimedia format, this new series is designed to grow — showing how expanse, dynamic and evolving The Long Blue Line truly is — by adding new profiles each month to the special I, Pioneer section of the College’s website. We invite you to nominate a current student, alumna/us or employee for consideration for this section via email at

The magazine includes the story of the determination of student-athlete, Kate Liston ’22, a member of the women’s basketball team who overcame both a life-threatening medical incident at age 12 during at an AAU game and a season-ending knee injury last year during a Marietta basketball game. You can also read Paul Adams' tribute to Professor Gerald Evans and catch up with alumni who shared updates in our Class Notes section. As always, you are welcome to share your personal or professional updates with your fellow Pioneers.

Fall 2020

MM v1


Spring 2020

Marietta Magazine Spring 2020


Winter 2020 Cover of the Marietta Magazine

Winter 2020

Whether they donned the pinstripes for the Etta Express or they rowed for one of the College’s historic Varsity 8+ boats, Marietta College’s student-athletes have provided countless memorable moments for Pioneer fans. In this edition of Marietta Magazine, we rank the top 100 student-athletes of all time.

These former student-athletes achieved milestones at Marietta — including winning championships, setting OAC records and dominating their sport — and some continued their athletic achievements at the professional level.

This edition also highlights alumni such as Ashley Thomas ’12, Dan May ’03, MCM’09 and Claire Reintgen Smullen ’08 for the impact they’ve made on students in their communities.

As always, the Class Notes section is where you can share your news — whether you are retiring, having impromptu reunions with classmates or switching jobs. You may submit your note or a story idea at

Fall 2019 Cover of the Marietta Magazine

Fall 2019

The September edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education recognized the 2019 Great Colleges To Work For, and for the second year in a row, Marietta College made the list.

While that in and of itself is an accomplishment, what Marietta managed to do this year is almost unheard of — rather than standing out in one or two categories, Marietta earned a spot on this year’s Honor Roll list by achieving “Very Good to Excellent” scores in 10 of the 12 categories. Those scores are based on the results of more than 300 surveys sent to Marietta College employees earlier this year.

This edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College features employees discussing what makes Marietta a great place to work — from the investment in facilities to compensation.

Readers will get a first look at the newly renovated baseball facility, which was renamed Don and Sue Schaly Field at Pioneer Park, as well as learn about a remarkable alumna who recently earned the Best International Research Impact Award from the University of Essex for her work in Syria.

As always, Marietta Magazine would love to share updates about your life — new jobs, recent vacations, recent retirements, etc. — so please email us at to submit a class note or share a possible story idea.

Winter 2019 Cover of the Marietta Magazine

Winter 2019

Not only has Marietta College been a beacon for higher education since gaining its charter in 1835, it has grown into a major economic driver for the region.

During the 2017 fiscal year, the College had a $55 million overall economic impact on Washington County, Ohio, and Wood County, West Virginia, based on a recent study conducted by Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs last year. Researchers found that the College’s direct impact reached nearly $33.3 million from June 30, 2017, until July 1, 2017.

This edition of Marietta Magazine looks at how the College helps boost the local economy through student, employee and alumni spending, and through its day-to-day operations — from construction projects to the beautiful banners that adorn campus.

Also in this issue, readers are introduced to one of the captains of the women’s lacrosse team, as well as two of men’s basketball coach Jon VanderWal’s biggest fans — his parents.

The winter edition is packed with a variety of stories of students, alumni and faculty. We invite you to share your Pioneer stories, class notes or letters to the editor with us by emailing

Spring 2019 Cover of the Marietta Magazine

Spring 2019

In the fall of 1989, a group of new professors joined Marietta’s faculty, filling vacancies in Accounting, Political Science, Philosophy, Chemistry, Biology and Sports Medicine.

This spring, Grace Johnson, Xiaoxiong Yi, Ken Itzkowitz, Debbie Egolf, Dave McShaffrey and Sam Crowther completed their 30th year at Marietta College. The special “Class of 1989” share a little insight of their time at Marietta — from their arrival to what makes their role at the College exciting every academic year.

Also in this issue are features about T.J. King, a student-athlete at Marietta who is overcoming the heartache of losing his younger brother by becoming one of the world’s up-and-coming powerlifters, as well as a first-person account of the historic win during the 1966 Dad Vail Regatta.

If you have a story idea or an update you would like to include in the Class Notes section of Marietta Magazine, please send that information by email to


Fall 2018 Cover of the Marietta Magazine

Fall 2018

Among of the many benefits of having a community-minded liberal arts college in your town is having access to numerous, high-quality artistic events.

The incredible work of Marietta College’s Theatre Department in planning, facilitating and presenting stunning theatrical performances throughout the academic year is further emphasized during the summer months, as faculty collaborate with community partners to attract student actors to the city to prepare for and perform an impressive summer stock of plays.

This summer, the Marietta Summer Theatre Program brought Twelfth Night and Guys and Dolls. The Shakespeare classic was presented to the community for free at Muskingum Park’s gazebo, and the American classic, Guys and Dolls, was showcased at Peoples Bank Theatre, one of the partners of the summer festival. Marietta Magazine focuses on the importance of having a high-caliber summer stock — both in terms of maintaining a well-known theatre program at Marietta College and for the benefit of the community.

Marietta Magazine also unveils the unique looks of the College’s new athletic surfaces at Don Drumm Stadium and Marietta Field. The upgrades were completed by the start of the fall seasons — and have been met with a great deal of excitement and praise from student-athletes, coaches and fans.

There are many more stories about what’s happening at the College and in the lives of alumni. As always, if you have an exciting story to share or would like to submit a class note for future publications, please send us an email at


spring 2018 cover

Spring 2018

For many generations, young adults choose Marietta College as the place to receive a quality liberal arts education. What they may not have realized was that the moment they matriculated to Marietta, they joined a community of Pioneers — past, present and future — for life. Regardless of when they graduate, members of The Long Blue Line share memories of a very special college that became their second home.

This edition of Marietta Magazine celebrates the power of The Long Blue Line and how alumni find ways to reconnect with each other and their alma mater to rekindle old friendships, make new ones and help the newest Pioneers find their footing after graduation.

This issue also highlights Marietta’s revamped General Education Curriculum, which strengthens the focus on the liberal arts for every major throughout all four years of a student’s undergraduate education.

As always, if you have an exciting story to share or would like to submit a class note for future publications, please send us an email at


magazine cover

Winter 2018

Imran Syed ’20 and his family worked very hard to give him the opportunity to go to college. So when it came time to decide where he would study, he chose a place that would help him achieve his dream of becoming an engineer and give him a safe, quality environment in which to study.

Though leaving home to attend college is seen as a rite of passage into adulthood, Syed’s story is a shining example of how dedicated Marietta’s students are to become Pioneers. Not only was he just 17 years old when he arrived for his freshman year, Syed was also the only student from India to do so.

There are 170 international students currently earning their degrees at Marietta College. They hail from China, Kuwait, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia, England, Japan and India. In this issue of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, a handful of Marietta’s international students tell the story of how they chose to study at this small, liberal arts college in Ohio, and how they plan to use their education to achieve their dreams.

This edition also charts the emergence of Marietta football, and pays honor to Professors Dottie Erb and Carole Hancock as they prepare to retire from the College.

As always, if you have an exciting story to share or would like to submit a class note for future publications, send us an email at


magazine cover

Fall 2017

Autumn is in the air — which means your copy of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College is also in the mail.

From cover to cover, this edition is packed with interesting stories about alumni, current students and faculty. The main feature focuses on a few Golden Pioneers who continue to discover new passions after retiring from their careers.

You’ll also read about recent alumni who pitched in over the long Labor Day weekend to help a fellow grad’s family clean up their home after Hurricane Harvey damaged it in August. Additionally, the magazine provides an update from campus on enrollment numbers and how generous our alumni and friends have been in helping to support the transformational education that Marietta College provides.

As always, we invite our alumni and friends to share class notes updates or story ideas for future publication, and hope you take a few moments from your busy day to enjoy reading this latest edition.


magazine cover

Spring 2017

Dance, music, art and theatre were front and center during an all-day event in downtown Marietta this spring. Music students spent months working with the Music Associate Professor Marshall Kimball and McDonough Center’s Leader-in-Residence Donna Collins to book acts and performance venues, line up participating food trucks, and collaborate with the city in preparation for the Brick Street Arts Bash.

The one-day festival highlighted the talent of local and regional artists, and provided a free cultural event to the community, showing the importance of having access to the arts, regardless of age.

The arts are front and center in this edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, which also includes a feature on how the College is working to create a new Music Therapy major, thanks to the generous donation of Don ’81 and Leslie Straub Ritter ’85.

Readers can also learn about the College’s newest Regional Associations — the greater Columbus area and the Philadelphia area— which received charters this spring.

This edition is loaded with stories about students, faculty and alumni. If you have a story or letter to the editor to share or would like to include a class note, please email — we always enjoy hearing from readers!


magazine cover

Fall 2016

The ability to communicate, solve problems and anticipate changes are many of the strengths that are developed when students undergo a liberal arts education. Those same qualities make for successful entrepreneurial-minded people.

This edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, highlights a group of alumni who chose to use their talents to pursue their own dreams of owning their own businesses, and what they’ve learned along the way.

Also in this edition, readers can catch up on the important events that have happened on campus since the spring edition — namely, the inauguration of Dr. William N. Ruud as Marietta’s 19th President.

We hope you enjoy the variety of stories that stem from being a part of Marietta College’s ever-impressive family. If you have a story or letter to the editor to share or would like to include a class note, please email — we always enjoy hearing from readers!


magazine cover

Spring 2016

Greek Life plays an important role at Marietta College.

From creating lifelong friendships to reinforcing strong study habits, the eight chapters on campus have positively impacted the lives of so many current students and alumni. In this edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, members from the eight chapters discuss the strengths and challenges that face their respective fraternity or sorority and why they’ll always cherish being a part of their organization.

Other stories in this edition include the Ruby family’s tribute to their patriarch, the late Dr. Victor Ruby ’42, as well as learn about the College’s 19th president, Dr. William Ruud.

This edition has plenty of interesting stories about students, staff and alumni.


magazine cover

Fall 2015

It’s no secret that enrollment numbers for small colleges have plummeted over the past five years. Adding to that problem is the ability to keep the students already enrolled.

To give Marietta College the best possible position, a revamped First-Year Experience program has been rolled out for the 2015-16 academic year. Blending social activities, service projects, academic courses and time for reflection. The first-year students who arrived on campus began their time at Marietta College with a whitewater rafting adventure in West Virginia with their fellow classmates.

More about the three-day trip and other aspects of the FYE program are detailed in the fall edition of Marietta Magazine. Additionally, the fall publication features the story of how Dr. Bill Bauer, Professor of Education, and his family turned the pain of losing his son, Grant ’12, to suicide into a way of helping others through an endowed fund that focuses on mental health and intellectual disabilities. The story also includes how an idea to do a random act of kindness in Grant’s name turned into a global event that involved thousands of people.

This edition has plenty of interesting stories about students, staff and alumni. If you would like to share your story idea or class note, please send an email to or mail it, along with your contact information, to:

Marietta Magazine/Marietta College     
215 Fifth St.     
Marietta, OH 45750     


magazine cover

Spring 2015

This edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, features the events that culminated in the success of the 2014-15 season for men’s basketball — from the hiring of Head Coach Jon VanderWal in 2007 to the offense threat that this year’s team posed to their opponents.

For the first time in program history, the team reached the NCAA Division III Elite 8, and solidified the Marietta community’s fandom.

VanderWal and his players reflect on the magic of the season and express their gratitude for the fans that remained faithful as the team rebuilt what it meant to be a Pioneer.

Also in this edition, news of a giant leaving the classroom after 38 years. Dr. Bob Chase has been the face of the Petroleum Engineering and Geology Department since 1970. He will remain in the Marietta community and help the new chair settle into the department and make the industry contacts that Chase has made during his tenure. He will also work to connect students with vital internships that will help them secure jobs post-graduation.

This edition has plenty of interesting stories about students, staff and alumni. If you would like to share your story idea or class note, please send an email to or mail it, along with your contact information, to:

Marietta Magazine/Marietta College     
215 Fifth St.     
Marietta, OH 45750     


magazine cover

Fall 2014

There was a certain thrill on Interstate 77 when you finally reached the Exit 1 or Exit 6 signs — you knew you were just minutes away from so many things you loved … friends, your tiny dorm room dressed up just the way you liked it, that project you really didn’t want to do but would glean so much satisfaction from turning it in on time — what you would expect from any college campus.

But the Marietta College experience spilled past the Fourth Street field, beyond Don Drumm and Parsons Field. Friendships were forged outside of the dorms and classrooms. Residents, shop owners and employees in the city were counted as friends; their specialty plates became your go-to comfort food, and the time you spent with them became special memories.

In this edition of Marietta Magazine, the cover story rummages into some of the more memorable places and tastes of the city of Marietta, and also highlights new or undiscovered hotspots you may not have gotten the chance to experience as a student but are encouraged to visit when you come back.

The magazine also includes stories about student internships, Dr. Dwayne Stone’s estate giving his massive mineral and fossil collection to the College, and how John Parsons ’94 is making an impact on player safety as the Director of the NCAA’s Sports Science Institute.

As always, if you have a story you’d like to share with us, please send an email to or mail it, along with your contact information, to:

Marietta Magazine/Marietta College     
215 Fifth St.     
Marietta, OH 45750

I hope you enjoy reading the variety of stories and the beautiful images featured in this edition!     
— Gi Smith


magazine cover

Spring 2014

One of the selling points of Marietta College to prospective students is its location — in a historic small city nestled at the convergence of two beautiful rivers.

For the most part, the close-knit community exists peacefully within the confines of this picturesque landscape. But every once in a while, the Ohio and the Muskingum take center stage. Ten years ago this fall, unrelenting rains from back-to-back hurricanes moving inland from the Atlantic Coast triggered a massive flood that snaked its way through campus, sent the majority of students home for a week and left a muddy, memorable mess.

In this edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, students, staff and faculty recall their experiences of the flood of 2004. Also featured are the impressive outcomes stories of a group of 2013 graduates who share what their lives are like since joining The Long Blue Line a year ago.

There are many more features in the magazine — including one about an Army veteran who hopes to take the field this fall as a member of the Pioneers football team.

Marietta College students, faculty and alumni have an endless supply of great stories to share. Let us know what you’ve been up to lately by submitting your class note to We’d love to hear from you!


magazine cover

Fall 2013

On Thanksgiving Day, Morgan Armstrong ’17 won’t be sitting around the dinner table enjoying turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie; nor will she be watching football from the family’s Parkersburg, W.Va. living room couch.

Actually, you’ll be able to see what the freshman is up to that day from pretty much any home in America if you’re tuned into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The world-class jump rope champion will be performing during the parade. It will be the second time that Morgan, who holds several national titles and 15 world titles in competitive jump roping, has performed during the special parade.

Morgan is a member of the newest class of students at Marietta College, an outstanding group of freshmen who bring their special talents to campus. A few of these students are featured in the upcoming edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, which should arrive in the mail in the coming weeks.

Also in this edition, alumnus James Speed Hensinger ’68 shares stunning photographs he took during her time as a soldier in the Vietnam War, as well as a first-person account that gives the background story to those shots. His photos, which recently became public, are garnering a great deal of international media attention for their visual impact and quality.

In addition, the Developments section highlights how generous gifts in the name of faculty tug on the heartstrings of our beloved Marietta professors and lessen the financial burden facing today’s crop of talented students.

These are just some of what’s in store for your reading pleasure in the upcoming edition of your alumni magazine. If you have a great story idea for the magazine, or would like to submit a class note, contact the editors at


magazine cover

Spring 2013

All Scholars Day 2013 highlighted the research and artistic projects of hundreds of students, giving them opportunities to discuss their work with members of the community representing a broad range of majors and departments at Marietta.

This edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College showcases three of those works and recognizes the importance of student-faculty collaborative research projects. By engaging in serious research, students are encouraged to take their education a step beyond the classroom to better understand how their knowledge can be applied in a real-world setting.

Also in this edition, learn how Roxanne Regas Kane ’85 and Wendy Rush Zucal ’84 helped the Dennison Railroad Depot gain recognition as one of the country’s 2,500 National Historic Landmarks — one of only 70 in the state of Ohio. Volunteers at the depot, also known as a canteen, fed between 600 and 800 sailors, soldiers and Marines each day as they passed through the small Ohio town on their way to deployment during World War II. During that era, servicemen dubbed the stop “Dreamsville, U.S.A.”

In the magazine, Reggie Sims ’75 pays tribute to two very special alumnae who died last year. Dr. Barbara Diggs Lyles ’51, the first African American woman to graduate from Marietta, and Amanda Newhouse Carnie ’72, the first African American Homecoming Queen at Marietta, were courageous, intelligent and talented women who marched into uncharted territory and excelled in their individual efforts.

As you read through the Class Notes section, please take the opportunity to send in an update and photo to share with your fellow alumni. We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to since graduation!


magazine cover

Fall 2012

Campus was in full celebration mode during the second weekend of October.

Not only was it the start of the 2012 Homecoming Weekend, which welcomed hundreds of alumni and guests to campus, but it was also the moment that the College officially welcomed Dr. Joseph W. Bruno into the Marietta family.

In the latest edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, you can catch up on festivities that surrounded this historic event, which took place during Homecoming Weekend 2012.

Also in this edition, learn about the impact the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center has had on campus since its completion a decade ago and learn about a growing tradition in Dr. Steven Spilatro's microbiology class.

Don't forget, as you read through the Class Notes section, to send in an update or a story idea. We'd love to hear from you!


magazine cover

Spring 2012

Both served Marietta College beyond expectations, leaving last impressions on current students and alumni alike.

This summer, Dr. Jean A. Scott will retire from Marietta after leading the College for 12 years. In just a few weeks, just as construction winds down on the new residence hall, Harrison Hall, demolition crews will begin dismantling Parsons, which has housed students since 1961.

In the opening pages of this edition of Marietta Magazine, we pay tribute to some of the moments and programs that were ushered in when the Board of Trustees in 1999 made the decision to select Dr. Scott as the College's 17th president. Starting her tenure in the summer of 2000, Dr. Scott helped to shape initiatives that led the College out of trouble times and onto more prosperous paths. This edition also features her parting message to readers.

Since the start of the construction of Harrison Hall, which will welcome its first residents this fall, alumni have been sending in their reflections of Parsons Hall, which is set for razing in just a few weeks. Parsons has become an indelible fixture in the memories of college life for thousands of alumni, some of whom share their personal stories and photographs in this edition.

Another feature in the magazine shows how the College's 18th president, Dr. Joe Bruno, and his wife, Diane, prepare to leave their busy lives in Connecticut to begin a new journey at Marietta. Colleagues at Wesleyan University and KardasLarson, LLC, former students and lifelong neighbors and friends share their stories of the Brunos, bidding them farewell while sending their warmest wishes for the dynamic couple in their new roles.

The magazine also features a story of rising sophomore Nikki Morrone '15, a visually-impaired studio art major who is taking the department by storm; the rise of Marietta's women's basketball program; and a feature about alumni couple Jessica Tobin'02 and Ryan Korner '01 teaching their children about the value of philanthropy.


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Fall 2011

As one of the top liberal arts colleges in the Midwest, Marietta College prides itself on its ability to prepare students for the ever-changing workplace and community.

In this edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, you will learn about the new Office for Diversity and Inclusion, as well as meet the new vice president, Dr. Richard Danford, whose role it is to identify and develop programs that allow the College to better recruit and retain international and minority students.

Today's working environment demands professionals who are able to adapt to diverse fields and work with an array of people from various backgrounds and cultures. Because Marietta recognizes the value of being exposed to such dynamic environments, it's important to attract a broader range of backgrounds to campus, which means recruiting more minority students, faculty and staff. At the same time, the College must ensure the resources are available to traditionally underserved students so their dreams of successfully pursuing a higher education become a reality.

Also in the magazine, you'll read about the strength and perseverance of alumna Rebecca Holzworth '10, who was critically injured this year in a car accident, and how her longtime boyfriend, Chad Walker '10, has remained her No. 1 supporter throughout her recovery.

Glancing ahead to next spring, when the next edition of the magazine will hit the mail, we are asking alumni to send in their personal stories and, if possible, photographs of their memories of Parsons Hall, which is scheduled to be razed once the new residence hall is completed next fall.


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Spring 2011

Marietta College is on the brink of a new era! In this edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College, you'll read about President Jean Scott's retirement plans after the 2011-12 academic year and how she reflects on her tenure as the College's 17th and only woman president.

The magazine also commemorates the impact that Drs. Jim and Mabry O'Donnell have had on the quality of education offered at Marietta and on the lives of hundreds of students, staff and faculty, past and present. Having taught at Marietta since 1969, the O'Donnells prepare for the next stages of their lives as Emeriti Professors.

With campus still celebrating the Pioneer men reaching the Sweet Sixteen this winter, readers can also enjoy getting a back story behind the most successful Men's Basketball season in the College's history.

Take a moment to catch up with what's been happening in the lives of your fellow alumni as well as the news on campus.


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Fall 2010

Since the American Civil War, members of the Marietta College community have offered their services to aid in the nation's cause. Among the many interesting stories that you'll find in the Fall 2010 edition of Marietta, The Magazine of Marietta College is a feature that recognizes the sacrifices that generations of students, faculty and staff have made to fulfill their patriotic duty.

A few Marietta College graduates reflect in the feature article on their lives at college before, during and after the country was involved in military conflicts and current students who recently left the battlefields in the Middle East talk about adjusting to life on campus today.

Inside this edition, you'll also read about the College's newest strategic plan, Focused on Distinction, and about students who are beginning to make their way into their chosen industries by way of completing summer internships.

There are plenty of interesting stories in this edition so take a moment to catch up on what's happening at Marietta.