In the spirit of academic excellence and leadership qualities encapsulated in a Marietta College education, the Bachelor of Music in Music Education program challenges one to realize their potential and become a leader of in the profession.

The major requires coursework that prepares each student for multi-age (PK-12) licensure in music within an environment that provides the individual attention and specialized courses needed to achieve success. It challenges each student to not only develop their musical and pedagogical skills but to develop an understanding of the issues and theories impacting the future of music education in the United States and to become an advocate for music in our schools.

Our major in Music Education requires a broad range of courses needed to prepare its graduates for multi-age music licensure within a liberal arts context. In addition to their core music and education courses, music education majors refine their skills through more than 180 contact hours in conducting and rehearsal techniques, over 150 field experience hours prior to student teaching, pedagogy courses, a course in teaching music with technology, a three semester conducting sequence, and a selection of elective courses based on each student’s music specialization. All of the major’s teaching methods courses are taught within the music department with only 18 hours in other disciplines, including Education & Psychology.

This curriculum is designed to attract the finest future music educators and provide them with opportunities for personalized instruction. Admission each year is based on previous academic success, a performance audition, a music résumé, and a personal interview. Housed within Marietta College’s challenging liberal arts environment, each class of majors forms a unique learning community that includes frequent individual contact with professors, performance opportunities to help you become a successful musician, a focus on practical knowledge to help you become a successful classroom teacher, and the knowledge and tools you need to become a future leader.

Degree Requirements

Main Coursework
MUED 110 Music Education Foundation 3 credit hours
MUSC 111 Music Theory I 3 credit hours
MUSC 112 Music Theory II 3 credit hours
MUSC 141 Keyboard Skills I 1 credit hours
MUSC 142 Keyboard Skills II 1 credit hours
MUSC 171 Aural Skills I 1 credit hours
MUSC 172 Aural Skills II 1 credit hours
MUED 202 Teaching Music with Technology 3 credit hours
MUED 206 String Methods 1 credit hours
MUED 207 Percussion Methods 1 credit hours
MUED 208 Brass Methods 1 credit hours
MUED 209 Woodwind Methods 1 credit hours
MUSC 211 Music Theory III 3 credit hours
MUSC 212 Music Theory IV 3 credit hours
MUSC 241 Keyboards Skills III 1 credit hours
MUSC 242 Keyboards Skills IV 1 credit hours
MUSC 271 Aural Skills III 1 credit hours
MUSC 272 Aural Skills IV 1 credit hours
MUSC 303 Beginning Conducting 2 credit hours
MUSC 304 Adv. Instrumental Conducting 2 credit hours
MUSC 305 Adv. Choral Conducting 2 credit hours
MUSC 312 Orchestration & Arranging 2 credit hours
MUED 321 Intro to Vocal Pedagogy 3 credit hours    
MUSC 330 Music History I 3 credit hours    
MUSC 331 Music History II 3 credit hours
MUED 401 Secondary Instrumental Methods 3 credit hours
MUED 402 Secondary Choral Methods 3 credit hours
MUED 403 Music for Early & Middle Childhood Education 3 credit hours
MUED 457 Special Seminar in Music Education 1 credit hours
MUED 490 Student Teaching: Multi-Age Music 12 credit hours


Applied Study
MUSC 151   2 credit hours
MUSC 252   2 credit hours
MUSC 351   2 credit hours
MUSC 451   1 credit hours
7 credit hours    
Elective study in music chosen from the following
Certain courses are recommended for instrumental majors or vocal majors from this list
MUSC 121 English & Italian Diction
MUSC 122 French & German Diction
MUED 323 Marching Band Techniques
MUED 324 Music in the Elementary School
MUED 322 Introduction to Instrumental Pedagogy
MUED 325 Advanced Vocal Pedagogy


Education and Psychology Courses
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
EDUC 202 Educational Psychology
EDUC 253 Diverse Learners
EDUC 350 Assessment
EDUC 360 Reading in the Content Area
EDUC 452 Culture & Language Issues in the Classroom


Additional requirements
  • 7 credit hours in an approved major ensemble
  • 1 credit hour of approved small ensemble (MUSC 362, 363, 364, or 365) 
  • MUED 125 – CNAfME membership is required 8 semesters of enrollment
  • MUSC 105 – Recital Attendance is required each semester of enrollment (7 semesters)
  • Recital Requirement – a 30-minute recital is required of all music education majors
  • Aural Skills Proficiency – All students are required to pass an aural skills proficiency exam after the completion of 4 semesters of Aural Skills
  • Piano Proficiency – All students are required to pass a piano proficiency exam after the completion of 4 semesters of Keyboard Skills


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