Music therapy has been defined as a reflexive and systematic process wherein the therapist helps the client(s) to optimize the client’s health, using various facets of music experience and the relationships formed through them as the impetus for change (Bruscia, 2014).

Music Therapy is an exciting profession that provides musicians the opportunity to use their musical skills to support the empowerment and development of others. As a board-certified music therapist, you will use a wide variety of instruments and musical experiences to help people of all ages work toward goals related to education, health, rehabilitation and wellness needs.

The Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy (BMMT) at Marietta College is designed to allow students to pursue in-depth study, artistry, and training in music therapy. Students will learn the applications of music therapy methods with various client populations in different areas and levels of practice as well as how to use them through experiential learning. The degree program is a 4.5-year (post-academic clinical training) degree program and graduates are eligible to take the national examination of the Certification Board for Music Therapists to qualify for professional work in the field upon completion of all the requirements.

Music therapists are in high demand and usually work in general hospitals, schools, prisons, psychiatric facilities rehabilitation centers, geriatric facilities, hospice programs, training institutes, private practices, schools and universities as social-community settings. 

Financial support for establishing the Music Therapy program at Marietta College came from important donations from Donald ’81 and Leslie Straub Ritter ’85. Due to their donation and understanding of music therapy, a campus building was renovated and opened in the Fall of 2017 to meet the academic and administrative needs of the program, and its future clinic designed to meet the therapeutic needs of clients and the community.

* Marietta College's Music Therapy program is currently being reviewed for accreditation by National Associaton of Schools of Music (NASM) and American Music Therapy Associaton (AMTA)

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